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Map-assisted planning in Mandata Go TMS – Shield Smart




Planning with a Mandata TMS is a quick and simple process. The product comes out-of-the-box with map planning functionality that provides a visual aid for planners to spot the best jobs to assign to each driver based on location. The system also shows areas along the journey that the vehicle will be empty. This allows your business to save both time and money by building the most optimal routes for each driver to take.


Choose the most cost and time efficient routes


The map feature in Mandata Go TMS allows planners to add all their available jobs onto a map. This allows planners to see all their jobs at once, and quickly spot which jobs are close to each other, or near to a collection point that the driver will be passing. Planners can then send their created route in the correct order straight to the driver’s sat nav app. Planners can also move jobs up or down the list to choose the best order for jobs to be completed. The updated job sequence will be sent to the driver to acknowledge that a new job has been added to their route, or that job details have been updated. This is all a seamless process, with the updated job instantly synchronising with the driver’s app. A driver can continue then with their work without the need for unnecessary back and forth conversation with the office.


(Image above showing the map-based planning screen in Mandata Go TMS. Top right map showing all jobs available. Bottom right map showing selected jobs in route including empty miles)


Calculate empty miles automatically


Available jobs are displayed on the map screen and separated by collection and delivery points. The planner selects multiple jobs that are close to each other, or along an optimal route to build out the perfect plan for each driver. Once this group of jobs are selected for a driver, the system will calculate the distance between each stop. The system will then identify any empty miles that occur along the journey and the amount of empty running between each stop. the total number of empty miles in the job route will be calculated at the bottom of the map planner screen. This saves time as the process is automated, meaning planners don’t have to manually work out the empty miles themselves, and mean that the miles can be reduced with a simple clicks by changing job orders.


Start and end points


When planning out a route for a driver, the first stop on the load route may not be the starting point. Instead, it could be the haulier’s yard, for example. Mandata Go TMS allows planners to include both start points and end points in a driver’s journey. This allows for complete factoring in of mileage both full and empty, and enables planners visualise an entire route for a driver, rather than just the collection and delivery points.

(Image above showing a full journey with start and end points)

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