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Northcentral Regional ATV Trail Opens for 2024 Riding Season – Cyber Armada Hub



Press release shared courtesy of the Pennsylvania Pressroom, May 24, 2024.


The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) today announced the opening of the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail for the 2024 riding season.


The riding area opened for use Friday and will remain open until Sunday, September 29, 2024.


Though the riding areas will be marked, riders will be expected to familiarize themselves with the portions of road and trail that are open to ensure they are operating in legal areas.


“We are excited for a fun, safe summer of ATV riding on this trail and thank our state and local partners for making this opportunity possible,” State Forester Seth Cassell said. “We want to remind ATV riders to follow all rules and regulations, and to be mindful of the impacts of riding, such as noise, dust, and disturbance of wildlife habitats.”


The 650-mile riding area will include parts of Clinton, Lycoming, Potter, and Tioga counties.


Major DCNR ATV trails found in the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail include Whiskey Springs, Haneyville, and Susquehannock.


A Northcentral Regional ATV Trail Map (PDF) of the riding area is available on DCNR’s website.

The trail route categories are as follows:

  • More than 450 miles of township roads
  • 163 miles of state forest roads and trails
  • 40 miles of PennDOT-administered roads

Bridge repairs on Cross Fork Creek Road (State Route 144) in Susquehannock State Forest will begin after mid-June and the project are likely to continue from then through the end of riding season.

This will impact riding in the Cross Fork to Germania riding area.

DCNR is currently working to coordinate an alternative route to maintain the connection from Cross Fork to Germania.

There may be a period of time where no detour is available.

Riders are asked to keep updated by watching DCNR advisories on the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail web page and to plan trips accordingly.

The Northcentral Regional ATV Trail will operate through the conclusion of the 2025 riding season, per Fiscal Code directive in the 2023-2024 state budget.

DCNR released a Report to the General Assembly on the Northcentral ATV Regional Trail Connecto​r Pilot (PDF)​​ that preceded the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail​ program.

The Northcentral Regional ATV Trail program is in response to growing ATV purchases, registrations, and public demand for increased riding opportunities.

Through collaborations with public and private partners, the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail program aims to offer long-distance riding opportunities and contribute to local economies, while maintaining the many uses and values of the state forest system.

DCNR recently revised its ATV trail policy, which lifted the moratorium on new trails that had been in place since 2003.

The Northcentral Regional ATV Trail program was made possible through public and private cooperation, including willing participation of many local townships.

These strategic connections give access to other parts of the Northcentral Regional ATV Trail.

Riders can maintain positive relationships with these communities, helping to ensure program sustainability, by:

  • Riding during off-peak days
  • Observing speed limits
  • Riding in smaller groups to limit dust
  • Carrying out all trash
  • Staying on designated trails and off private property.

Riding an ATV while impaired is illegal.

Permits are required to use the designated PennDOT and State Forest Connector Roads, the cost of which will serve to offset implementation and management of the program.

Permits for the 2024 will cost $40 for Pennsylvania registered ATVs and $60 for non-Pennsylvania registered ATVs.

Visit DCNR’s website for more information on obtaining an Northcentral Regional ATV Trail​ permit​.

Visit DCNR’s website for more information about ATV riding opportunities in state forests and check out DCNR’s Calendar of Events for events on public lands.

MEDIA CONTACT: Wesley RobinsonDCNR, 717-877-6315

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