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Out of all the social media apps out there, Instagram is the second most used platform by people to search for a brand.


This proves that Instagram is one of the best places to grow a business with adequate advertising and marketing strategies. Not only is it a fast-growing platform, but it also offers several ad formats for marketers to use and promote their brands.


All you need to do is understand the different types of Instagram ads and their basic formats, how you can use them, and how they can help your company. Not every ad is relevant for a business and understanding which ones work best can maximize revenue and profits.


Types of Instagram Ads for Businesses

There are five main types of Instagram ads for businesses to consider when looking to attract audience attention.


1. Photo or Image Ads

Image ads on Instagram are the most used advertisements and audiences see them thrown around by brands left and right. These ads mostly attract attention to the products that any business sells to the audience.


These are also the best options for companies that have low budgets because all you need is one image to promote your brand in an attractive manner. These types of Instagram ads require less brainstorming because you only have to think about an idea for that one image that people will carry in their minds.


These image ads can be a powerful advertising tool if used with a proper CTA that leads the audience to landing pages, new products, and surveys. Remember to use pictures that will make people scroll and one that resonates with your brand. This helps viewers get a taste of your services and take a guess about what they will see on the rest of your feed.

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2. Explore Ads

Want to enhance your target audience’s browsing experience while increasing sales? Explore ads can be the solution to your marketing requirement. As the name suggests, these ads pop up on the Explore page of Instagram users.

But the best part is that these ads rely heavily on the algorithm of the app, which reads user behavior. This allows the app to show ads that the viewers will actually be interested in. This works well for brands because it gives them an opportunity to get the attention of an audience that is not aware of the brand.

But this also ensures that the browsing experience of the users does not get disrupted. The audience sees the ads that come their way because they add value to their scrolling journey.

3. Reel Ads

Reels had a significantly high impression rate at 33.83% in 2023which was double the rate of any other ad format the same year. This clearly indicates the significant role that video ads play in creating a buzz about a brand.

Reels are where most Instagram users interact most with content. Tapping into this source of growth is essential for increased profits. These ads are visible to the users as they scroll reels and they can integrate seamlessly into the content user’s browser if used strategically.

Use challenges and trending meme formats to make reel videos lighthearted and funny. Most people use Instagram for entertainment and this can be the first step of integrating your reels adequately into the feed of potential clients.

Try to focus on entertaining the viewers with reels and try to remember that these reels will be the first thing that they will see from your brand. Come up with original ideas or take inspiration from competitors to create engaging reels.

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4. Story Ads

These types of Instagram ads get integrated into the stories that users swipe through on the app. They are stories that users see when they look at the stories from other accounts they follow.

This again follows the algorithm that allows users to see ads that they will click on. These ads are successful because of the CTA most businesses add. You can add website links, Instagram profile links, and new product links to story ads.

Audiences click on these links or swipe on these ads to access the products marketers want to sell the most. Companies can use features like branded GIFs, face filters, and stickers to promote their products or increase brand awareness.

These ads can use videos and images to promote particular products from a brand. Try to use descriptive texts and images that arrest the viewers’ attention. People will only look at your stories if they look beautiful and add some value to them.

5. Shopping Ads

Instagram Shopping posts drive organic traffic to websites and products. If you have an Instagram shop, it goes without saying that you should be using Shopping ads for your business.

These types of Instagram ads are best for companies that want to increase their sales rather than increase brand awareness. As the name suggests, these posts will have a ‘Shop Now’ option for viewers and they can use this option to buy the products they see directly.

This works well if people already know about your brand and are ready to invest in it. People can view product details and make purchases from the app itself. If they are interested in your product, chances are they will browse through your online page to learn more about your brand.

Consider making product catalogs that can help viewers look at your other products and make a purchase. Make sure to include even the least-selling products so that you can increase their sales too.

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Final Thoughts

Learning the ropes of Instagram ads can take a little time but they are highly profitable in the long run. Understand how you can produce high-quality ads that will keep your audience hooked and they will keep returning for more. Not every format may work for your business and trial and error is the only way to find the perfect match.

These are the most commonly used types of Instagram ads for businesses. But there are several others that may help out your business. Doing thorough research and testing can help you find the ad format that works best for your brand.

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